UP Project Story Submissions

UP Project Story Submissions

Beresford Road Public School

This impressive gear artwork has a moral to tell: it shows how important it is to work together and that if one doesn’t work, the whole thing doesn’t work.

What is even more impressive is that it was designed from scratch by the Year 3 and Year 4 students of Beresford Road Public School.

One class had also designed bag tags, which were gifted as a welcoming present for new kindergarten’s students at the school’s Orientation Day.

Printed on: UP BOX
Designed with: TinkerCAD

Submitted by: Kaye Pearson (Deputy Principal – NSW, Australia)

neill architecture
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Submitted by: Matt Breen (Architect – VIC, Australia)

Neil Architecture

Melbourne based Neil Architecture has had their UP BOX printer since it was first launched and in this time they and other fellow Melbourne architects have developed TAP models.

Recognising the great potential in creating architectural models using 3D printing technology,  TAP Models (Three-D Architectural Printed Models) was formed.

All models shown have been printed solely on the UP BOX.

Printed on: UP BOX

Model railroader and proud UP Mini 2 owner Don Weston – from Dunedin, New Zealand – has created a 1/87 scale model of a track cleaning wagon. The printed model itself is 120mm long with a track gauge of 12mm.

Cleaning oil is stored in the model supply tank and the wagon is towed by a locomotive around the track, while the needle valve helps to control the amount of oil is distributed. Apart from the needle valve, wheels and coupling, everything has been 3D printed.

To show just how small the track cleaning wagon, a 10 cent coin has been placed for comparison.

Printed on:UP Mini 2
Print Resolution: 0.2mm
Print Resolution: 0.2mm
Train model
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Submitted by: Don Weston (Model Railroader – Dunedin, New Zealand)

bungara alternative school star wars
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Submitted by: Aaron Agius (Acting Principal – QLD, Australia)

Bungara Alternative School

The students at Bungara Alternative School were tasked with creating and printing something from the Star Wars Expanded Universe, including Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber and an Imperial Shuttle. After printing the models, they were given a paint job to give it an authentic, worn and battered look.

The supervising teacher notes that the auto-pause function of the UP BOX+ was an effective feature and very useful in ensuring printing runs smoothly.

Printed on: UP BOX+

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