What is the difference between UP Premium filament and other filaments?

What is the difference between UP Premium filament and other filaments?

The UP Premium filament is the same as the white ABS filament on a black spool that came with your printer. This is the best food to feed your UP 3D Printer as the support material is very easy to remove. Other filament (3rd party filament) can be attractive for its low cost. However there are some important points it is not recommended to use cheap filament with your UP printer. The print quality can suffer dramatically and often the nozzle can clog up with material, resulting in more maintenance and machine downtime. UP premium filament is manufactured with very high tolerances to ensure that the filament is round and of a constant diameter.

  • High quality filament results in better quality print results
  • Poor filament quality can lead to air printing and low quality print results.

See our comparison below on

UP Premium filament

Other filaments

Print quality Best possible print quality Poor to average quality
Price  $$ $ to $$$$
Filament diameter 1.75 mm ±0.05 mm Inconsistent – often too thick or too thin
Raft removal Easy to peel away  Hard or impossible to remove
Support removal Easy breakaway High chance of damaging model
Chance to warp  Low Unknown
Smell  Low to no smell when printing Strong burnt plastic smell
Chance of print failing Low Medium to high

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