Photo2Mesh – taking you to the next dimension

Convert your digital drawings and photographs into 3D printable STL files. You can create objects to print straight away, or add it to your existing 3D models.



A lithophane was originally hand made out of thin porcelain. An image would be carved into it, which could only be truly appreciated by having the object back lit  Now with Photo2Mesh you can create your very own! By using your 3D printer and white ABS or PLA filament, you are able to print out your photos in 3D! It is simple as exporting the photo from Photo2Mesh to an STL file, and then just printing it. Once it has finished, hold it up to a light source and be amazed.


[youtube id=”UHvvmyi6K4M” width=”600″ height=”350″]


Take your company logo or artwork, digitize it.

Bring them into Photo2Mesh and export the STL file. You can now put your company logo an all of your prototypes and products so everyone knows to the cleaver people are.

Fun objects


Using your digital photographs you can create awesome gifts.

The example here is taking the photograph of an eye, and placing it on a spher e to give you an eyeball! But you can also do things like creating vases and jars with your own photographs.

You can even create polygons (squares, triangles etc) from within Photo2Mesh which can be printed straight away!


 Here is a fantastic example of a Lithophane cube.

Lithophane box - without backlight

Lithophane box with no backlight – Idea Beans

Lithophane box with back light

Lithophane box with back light – Idea Beans

It was constructed from 4 individual photographs and a QR for the top. When the cube has no internal backlight, you can see that it doesn’t show the photographs clearly. Turn the internal back light on, and bam! You have the amazing affect of the Lithophane.



Mona Lisa with and without backlighting

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