Material for 3D Printing

Filament for the UP range of desktop 3D printers

ABS Plastic Filament

The UP range can print in ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) thermoplastic and is the primary material. ABS is the plastic of choice for 3D Printers, as the printed parts are tough and durable.  The parts are built tough and can be used as usable, functional end-use parts and is the same plastic as Lego™. Removal of support material is easy and safe.  No dangerous chemicals are required, just simply break away the support that is printed in the same material but in a lower density. You can slice your models into parts, print them in components and then just glue using nail varnish remover (Acetone).

Properties of ABS plastic: High strength, impact resistance, toughness, heat resistance, good electrical insulator, moisture resistant, high strength to weight ratio.

We offer our ABS in a wide range of colours, from white, to black, red and green and all the colours in between. Our current line of 1.75mm ABS filament includes standard white, black, red, green, blue and yellow. You can view our complete colour selection from our online store, here. Great for use in the UP family of 3D printers.

PLA Plastic Filament

PLA (Polylactic acid) is derived from corn and is biodegradable. PLA is not the recommended plastic to print with, as the material starts breaking down after a few months and printed parts are brittle. The material is very sharp when broken and can be a hazard when removing support material from the printed parts.


High strength nylon based filament that is extremely durable and resistant to chemicals. The perfect material for making production parts.


Elastic-like or flexible filament is a super elastic type filament. Great for RC car tyres, tank tracks, living hinges, belts pulleys etc.

And more

There are many more materials that you can use with your UP printers. As long as it is 1.75mm in diameter you can try it with your machine and see how it goes. That is because the UP printers don’t use proprietary cartridges.

They say you are what you eat

So feed your UP the good stuff

We supply the best quality filament for your UP desktop 3D Printer. Whether it is an UP BOX, UP Plus 2, UP Mini or original UP!, we have the filament for you.