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UP 3D Printers

Find out why the multi-award winning UP 3D Printers are Australia’s most trusted and best-selling range of 3D Printers in schools, universities and professionals since 2011.

Elite SLS Industrial 3D Printers

Huge build volume, industrial additive manufacturing. Using Selective laser sintering (SLS) in nylon 12. A 3D printing power house!

Inspire Industrial 3D Printers

Industrial FFF 3D Printers. This is the business. Heated build environment, dual nozzles and built to last.

Einscan Pro 2X Plus

The next generation of 3D scanners has arrived in Australia and New Zealand with the new Einscan Pro 2X Plus 3D scanner. This revolutionary new scanner can be used to capture incredibly high-resolution 3d data down to 50 micron and is the first 3D scanner to allow for both handheld and tripod use. This is the top dog when it comes to easy-to-use high-resolution 3D scanning.

Einscan SE & SP

From newcomers to seasoned 3D scanning veterans, the EinScan SE and EinScan SP are 3D scanners made to suit the different needs and different skill levels of the user.

Emblaser 2

Homegrown in Australia, the Emblaser 2 is the next generation 3D laser cutter and engraver that combines safety with functionality to give you professional results.

Education 3D Printing kits K-12 +

A range of engaging 3D Printer-friendly related STEM projects and workbooks for students, teachers and parents.

Convert the excitement and engagement of 3D printing and robotics into STEM learning outcomes. Written by a team of content experts and teachers, our expanding resources for teachers come complete with 3D printing template files, kits, student workbooks and a teacher guide book.



Hands up as the best all round material for 3D printing. ABS is strong, flexible and easy to work with. Same material as your car dashboard and tough like a $2 steak.


Polylactic acid

A biodegradable plastic and the perfect material to make metal parts using investment aka lost wax casting. PLA prints also look great but aren’t that functional.

Other materials

With the UP 3D Printers, you aren’t limited to just ABS or PLA. Our customers use a wide range of printer filaments. Some notable ones are polycarbonate (bullet proof glass), nylon, wood (print a tree), copper and flexibles (print a timing belt or gasket).

3D Design Software

We have curated the best 3D printing related apps and programs available. From making a custom cookie cutter to designing a jet engine.

3D Printing Software

Software for you UP 3D Printer. It is like a visual print driver.