Multi-colour, Multi Layer

Multi-colour, Multi Layer

Pokémon Edition

The great thing about the UP printers and the UP software is that you can set the printer to pause at different layer heights before you even begin the print. You can do this when you are about to send the print job through.

Simply just enter the height (in millimeters) in the box, of where you want the printer to pause the print job at. You can set the printer to pause at multiple points of the job by separating the heights with a comma. So for this plaque, we are pausing at 2mm, 3mm, 4mm and 5mm to achieve the different colours.

Once the printer has paused you can withdraw the first colour and feed a new colour through. You may need to extrude the filament a second time to ensure what comes out is not mixed with the previous colour.

After the new colour has been loaded in, you may now resume the print.  Just hit the “Resume Print” button in the Maintenance window and the printer will carry on from where it left off and print in the new colour you have just loaded.

For our Pokemon GO plaque we first printed the base in white, then in yellow, followed by black, blue and finally finished it off with the red of the Pokeball!

It’s not just for changing colours! You can pre-set the print to pause at certain points so that you may add weights or other features within the walls of the model, which you may have hollowed out during cadding.

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Want to clean your nozzle in between changing colours?

FILA CLEAN is best used between changing colours and materials. It flushes out debris and keeps your nozzle in tip top condition. Great for preventative maintenance of your 3D Printer.

Judy Leung