3D Printing just got easier

If you are a high-tech tinkerer, amazing maker, inspiring inventor or creative hobbyist,  having your own 3D Printer at home or in your shed will enable you to unleash your creativity.

Fixing things around the house

Dishwasher broken? Print a new part to fix it. Be the hero of the house by being able to repair things for a fraction of the cost of having to buy replacement parts.



Be the next Toy Story

Using the same plastic as Lego, be the creator of new toys for your kids, nieces or nephews.  Design and make custom toys for them, or develop something completely new! www.thingiverse.com has a huge selection of 3D printable models ready for you to download and print. You could print Thomas the Tank Engine track or Lego adapters or just about anything, as long as it’s in plastic.

Have you always had something you wanted to create but never knew how? Now you can! Create it. Print it. Easy as that.
Unleash the creator inside.

Miniature figurines and War hammer games

If you are into miniatures, then there is no better way than having your very own 3D printer to make parts for your doll’s house, train set or role playing games.



Model Planes, trains and automobiles

With ABS printed plastic you can do so much, it’s really durable and tough to use for every day objects. Why not 3D print your own rocket that goes 2,000 feet, yes you can and the best thing is, the plans are already on the internet to do so for free!

Customize your world

From phone cases, stands,  bracelets, earrings etc, it’s not what the 3D Printer can make, it’s what your imagination can conceive.

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