Excavator made with Emblaser 2 & UPBOX+

Excavator made with Emblaser 2 & UPBOX+

Having both the ability to 3D print and laser cut to use at your disposal opens up the door to a lot of  projects. You can use the combined manufacturing power of each different technology to be creative with what you can make.

And that’s exactly what the team at CammPro have done! They’ve come up with a fun and funcitonal way of excavating their parts from the powders and transfer it to another bin.

With some thinking outside of the box the excavator can be piloted by the compressing air via the mish mash of syringes and tubes. The main structure of the excavator uses pieces laser cut by the Emblaser 2, while the bucket and the syringe + tube attachments have been 3D printed with the UPBOX+.

Watch it in action below.

Judy Leung