EmbLaser 2

Emblaser 2™

The next generation in safe classroom laser cutting & engraving

Perfect for the classroom

Designed, engineered and proudly made in Australia, the Emblaser 2 is the second generation desktop laser cutter and engraver that is a perfect combination of ease-of-use, size, power and price. Designed to be user friendly, easy to setup, safe and easy to use in any classroom.

laser cutter material selection

So many materials

The Emblaser 2 can cut, mark or engrave cloth, cardboard, paper, leather, wood, plastics and so much more.

Safety first

Traditionally laser cutters have only been available for specialised learning areas, but the Emblaser 2 is a Class 1 laser  making is safe to use in any classroom when combined with it’s air filtration unit.

The AS/NZS IEC 60825 classification divides lasers into 6 classes, with 6 being the highest and most harmful. The Emblaser 2 is a Class 1 device considered the safest and does not permit human access to laser radiation during operation.

Emblaser2 Rear filter

Give depth to your work

A true 3D cutting & engraving machine, the Emblaser 2 allows you to achieve different levels of depths and details.

It gives your piece that extra dimension by giving you the control to adjust the height of the laser while cutting. Cut through thicker materials by setting your laser to automatically lower with multiples passes.

Laser cut & engrave on a variety of materials ...

Solid or colour-tinted acrylic




...cardboard, paper and many more!


The Emblaser 2 utilises what is traditionally available only on industrial machines to improve the output quality of the engraved or cut parts. The technique involves injecting a stream of high pressured air into the cutting region simultaneously as the laser works to cut or engrave the area.

As seen in the photos, the effect of Air-Assist on the different types of materials is noticeable; the circles on the left are without the air-assist. Burn marks are significantly reduced if not present when Air-Assist is utilised.

Fume Extraction/Filtration


Equipped with an in-built extractor, fumes produced during operation will be vented outdoors. For complete indoor use, simply add the Fume Filter System. Both systems will work to clean the out the fume, making it safe for the user and prolongs the life of the machine.

E2 Rear Quarter
E2 Heatsink1

Material Ignition Alert


Or simply just known MIA, never miss in action with this smart monitoring and notification system. MIA constantly monitors for the potential ignition of a material and the Emblaser will be put into safety mode.

Larger Workspace


Expand your canvas with a larger work area of 500mm x 300 mm x 50mm

Emblaser 2 laser cutter engraver - education - power - large

Wifi & USB Connectivity


Don’t want to be tethered to the Emblaser 2 and just walk away with your laptop? Or are you working from another room? Simply connect to the Emblaser 2 through Wifi and gain access to full control wirelessly. Of course, you still have the option to directly connect your computer to the laser cutter via USB connection.

Workspace Camera


Fine tune material aligntment with ease through the use of the in-built camera.

E2 Heatsink2


Emblaser 2 – 12 month from date of purchase

Filtration unit – 12 month from date of purchase

Air Assist – 12 month from date of purchase

Laser head – 3 year warranty

Designed to be straight-foward to use in a classroom setting, the Emblaser 2 is easy to operate. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t be there to help guide you through the process and make sure your laser cutting and engraving experience is anything but seamless. Find help online or give us a ring; we are here to help.

In a timezone close to you

Yes, you won’t get some long distance call center, wait on the line listening to elevator music while your hairs go grey. Our trained team will pick up the phone and sometimes if you’re very lucky on the weekends too.
We also have supports centers in the major centers across the country, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide.

For all your drivers, manuals, replacement parts and expert help, we have got you covered.

Why is the EmbLaser 2 so affordable compared to other laser cutters?

Most traditional laser cutters use a bulky high voltage CO2 fragile glass tube, water-cooling and a series of mirrors to redirect the laser. We all know that water and high voltages don’t make for a great cocktail. CO2 systems are complex, have many moving parts and are difficult to align and calibrate. Also, CO2 laser put out infrared invisible light, so is very unsafe as you just can’t see the light. For example, if a mirror was knocked out of calibration, this could potentially blind you or cause other damage to you.

Pros: A CO2 system can cut a wider variety of materials at a greater speed.

Cons: Complex and unsafe system

The Emblaser 2 uses a 5watt Laser Diode mounted directly on the head, this reduces the parts and complexity. Being laser diode it uses UV-visible light and the system has protection systems to disable the laser if the door is opened.

Pros: Much safer than CO2 systems, with superior photographic accuracy. Approximately 30% the cost of a basic entry level CO2 system.

Cons: About 30% slower than CO2 and can’t cut clear acrylics, but can cut tinted acrylics.

What are some of the materials that can be used?

Will I be able to upload JPG, PNG or PDF?

It depends what you are looking at doing. There are two type of files that generally work with laser machines, vector and raster.
Vector files are files created in packages such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw or CAD. The vectors define an accurate path or area for the laser to work on. These files can be imported with the current Emblaser software. The Emblaser 2 software will initially accept SVG, DXF, JPG and PNG files. Additional formats will be added over time.
Raster files photos or images made up of pixels. These can also be used but in a different way to vector files. This is called raster engraving. The E2 software will allow you to import these images as well and raster engrave them. Formats for these are JPG, PNG, BMP etc.

Can the Emblaser cut transparent acrylic?

The short answer is no. Laser diode based machines work on a light frequency that passes directly through transparent materials.
However the EmbLaser 2 can cut and engrave tinted and solid colour acrylics.
Black glass with most likely be engraved.

What are some of the speeds that the Emblaser 2 can cut at?

3mm plywood 1 pass at 200-300mm/min
6mm plywood 3-4 passes at 200-300mm/min
6mm Corrugated Cardboard 1 pass at 350mm/min
2mm Black Opaque Acrylic 2 passes at 200mm/min
6mm Black Opaque Acrylic 4 passes at 150mm/min

What is the kerf size for the Emblaser 2

This varies from material to material but is between 0.12-0.20mm for cutting. It can be as low as 0.10mm for raster engraving.

Work with the software you are familiar with to create your designs. Lightburn software will import all standard formats from software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Inkscape, Corel Draw, Sketchup etc.

LightBurn is fully compatible with both Windows and OSX.
Run it on your favourite computer or tablet, even over Wifi!

Download and Install LightBurn

Updating from LaserWeb to LightBurn? Head over here.

From AU$3,295


Price excludes GST

Pre-order +/- 6 weeks from your order date

Order from your local reseller Australia or New Zealand wide.

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Why make the Emblaser 2 your choice in laser cutting and engraving machines?

See the Features


Material ignition alert. Inbuilt fume extractor to vent fumes outdoors or add the Fume Filter System to safely filter fumes for indoor use.

Precise Alignment

Use the built-in camera to overlay your design onto your project. Take out the alignment guess work,

3D Engraving

Create stunning 3D engravings with depth or adjust sharpness to create sharp lines or soft fills with the automatic Z axis of the head.

What can you Make?

Are you ready for the Emblaser 2?

  • I’m generally working as an artist making books, but occasionally inspiration strikes and I have an idea for something to make physically. The Emblaser is critical for my rapid prototyping needs.

    Graeme Base
    Graeme Base is one of the world’s leading creators of picture books.