3D Printing Systems Announces Cheapest 3D Printer In Australia

New low price of $695 for the UP Mini Desktop 3D Printer, set to shake up the consumer 3D printing market in Australia

SYDNEY, New South Wales,15 May 2014 – 3D Printing Systems announced the new low price for their UP Mini 3D Printer. A staggeringly low RRP of $695 making it the cheapest 3D printer available in Australia.

The 3D Printing Industry is one of the fastest growing technology sectors featuring an explosive growth. One of the most highly regarded companies in the world that provides insights into the future of 3D Printing, just released their annual insight report “The Wohlers Report 2014”  and said last years 2013’s year on year growth was 34.9%, the highest in 17 years and the market is set to grow to $16.2 billion by 2018.

The substantial cost in purchasing a 3D Printer, even a small desktop unit has been out of reach for most Australian hobbyists or parents who want to get their children  exposed to the technology. This is all set to change with the UP Mini 3D Printers’ new low price.

Consumers who have owned a regular inkjet printer are familiar with getting caught out with  the expensive cost of ink for their inkjet printer. When researching purchasing a 3D printer, consumers need to watch out for the hidden ongoing cost of 3d printer consumables. Most consumer 3d printer vendors are selling cheap 3d printers with proprietary and locked cartridges, so the user is unable to use either cheaper materials or some of the new exciting 3d printing materials, such as wood for example.

Consumers are demanding a 3D Printer that offers an enclosed heat retention chamber, quiet operation with easy to use software. This, coupled with a design that looks the part on any school or office desk and is affordable and flexible.

“The new price point of the Mini is a real game changer. This is the desktop 3D printer hobbyists or schools have been looking for – reliability, productivity, accuracy, operational simplicity and affordability – every man shed can now afford a 3D printer.“ – Bruce Jackson, CEO, 3D Printing Systems.

The UP Mini has a build area of 120 mm3 and is able to print in a wide range of materials including ABS, ABS-PC, PLA, nylon and wood. More information is available at 3dprintingsystems.com/products/up-mini-3d-printer.

3D Printing Systems offers a powerful range of 3D Printers that change the way we work and live. Originally founded in New Zealand and now has a vast channel of resellers across Australia. The company specialises in offering systems that don’t use locked or vendor proprietary cartridges, empowering our customers to use lower cost and experimental materials.  The company provides an exceptional level of service and local support across Australia and New Zealand.




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