Superheros walk amongst us

Superheros walk amongst us

3 ways to become a superhero:

  1. Exposure to radioactivity – The Hulk, Spiderman etc
  2. Originate from another planet – Superman, Wonder Woman etc
  3. Obtain future/special technology aka 3D printing and you!

Why do people love 3D printing?

3D printing makes you a superhero. It is the technology that allows you full control. You don’t need anyone’s permission to create something.

3D printing will turn the global into the local. People will be able to solve problems in their local community, they know what will work best. Anyone is able to confront a real world problem and solve it.

“3D printing is not just 2D printing with another dimension. 2D printing was merely a stopgap in the way to disseminate information efficiently before we had the internet.” - Emmett Lalish

Customization is key. With 3D printing the cost per a unit is the same if you are making 1 or 100. Short production runs are now affordable. Entrepreneurs can now test their ideas, test the market and even undertake production. The current manufacturing process is geared towards mass production of 100′ of thousands of the same parts. Large volume, massive quantities are required before the cost per a unit is economically viable. This does not match up with the current trend of individualization of products and solutions. In the real world there is no one size fits all and this large scale production just doesn’t work.


kLite create bike light mounts and cases for their products on our UP Plus 3D

Companies and individuals have started using 3D printing to create products from scratch right here in Australia. An example of this are custom cases for electronics, creating the cases on a 3D printer each one will be the same size and if the design changes, it is very easy to modify the design to accommodate the changes. This allows the designers to explore more of the problem space in the same amount of time, giving them more of a chance to find the best solution to the problem.

 A linear decrease in iteration time results in at least a polynomial increase in exploration. Hence, the types of things you can design will also expand in a non-linear fashion.

Another aspect of local manufacturing is that the creator is in control. They don’t need permission to give their idea a go, create the prototypes and even bring it to market. No longer is there a requirement for investors to test an idea. Yes, crowd sourced funding is a huge part of current start-up strategies, but that is how the company or individual can expand the product to a wider audience or make the jump to large scale manufacturing. All of the testing, prototyping and small scale production can be and is being done on 3D printers. It allows for unparalleled innovation with the minimal amount of restriction in the process.