Robowars Sydney 2013

Robowars Sydney 2013

Robowars, the combat of remote control robots is coming to Sydney in 2013! With robots weighing up to 13 kg it is a must see event. Our favourite is the Antweight class, with a weight limit of 150 grams per a robot, this is the perfect class to create a robot that is 3D printed. The ABS is strong yet light weight and it is easy to repair.


BotBitz GreenAnt – Antweight class

If your dream has been to build a robot, why not build a combat robot? Now is your chance! They robots are radio controlled by human operators in 3 minutes bouts, with a fight to disable the opponent in a specially constructed battle space.  This is a unique sport that incorporates design, engineering, hand eye coordination and a bit of luck.

I built my first robot when I was 15 years old, so whether you’re an engineer, designer or just like to tinker and build things like me, combat robotics is for you! - Angus Deveson

One of the fantastic aspects of this is the design challenge.  Especially in the Antweight class you have to be very cleaver with your design to make sure that it qualifies. The motors are a fixed weight, so it is all about the design of the chassis and the armor body of the robot and how it all fits together.

You can find out more on the event page here.