Fuel3D™ handheld scanner

Our next generation of high resolution 3D scanning. Simple, point-and-shoot approach makes it easy for every to be able to capture high quality 3D models from the world around them.



Take your 3D scanning to the next level with the ScanMaster Full Colour 3D Scanner. This incredible setup allows you to see what you are scanning in real time. By having a touch screen mounted to the camera, it allows you effortlessly to scan and construct the 3D models. It is easy to see what has and hasn’t been scanned, without twisting your neck to look at the computer screen.


3D Print your own 3D scanner

With the “Print your own 3D Scanner” kit, it allows your to replicate real life objects by 3D scanning them and then 3D print them. This 3D Scanner is ideal for small to medium objects that require high resolution scanning.

We have found the 3D scanner to be an instant success. After a simple set-up, we were able to produce parts straight away. This has meant that we have reduced the lead time  for a rapid prototype from around week to a day or two and at a fraction of the cost. The ability to produce fine details is amazing.

John Goodridge, Electrolux