New Zealand to incorperate 3D printing in education

The New Zealand education curriculum is expanding. Next year students will have the opportunity to use the most talked about manufacturing techniques and machines in 2013. Yes, you guessed it, 3D printers will now be incorporated into K-12 education!

The new curriculum standard 91622 will give students the chance to design a Chess piece that will need to be made on a 3D printer. It will be the start of a fully customized world where goods and products will be made to order. 3D printing is already changing the state of manufacturing in Australia and New Zealand. Our up and coming engineers are now going to be taught the skills and techniques how to take a concept design to make a functional part.

Most 3D CAD for Schools is free and there are some fantastic 3D modelling programs to choose from.

  • FormZ is free for students and school.
  • Tinkercad is a fantastic entry level into the 3D CAD world using cloud based computing.
  • Minecraft is another great way to design and print 3D models, just requires Mineways to save the design as an STL.

Download the new standard here standard 91622