UP Software

For UP BOX, UP Plus 2 & UP Mini

Download the software and included drivers for Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10

updated 21/08/15

  1. Thin wall printing support.
  2. Added ABS+ option for new material under maintenance. UP ABS+ is glossy, ABS is matte in colour.
  3. UP BOX: Build table leveling can work between -1mm and 1mm.
  4. UP BOX: Bug fixes for printing at 0.1mm
  5. UP BOX: New printhead cover for UP BOX.
    • You can find the UP3 files in UP\Example\UP BOX Spare Parts.
    • Printhead Cover-V4.UP3 and Printhead Extruder Bracket-V3.UP3

Note: If you cannot connect to your printer or you get an error, please go into device manager in Windows and update the USB driver, select manual update then browse to “C:\Program Files (x86)\UP\Driver”  and update to the correct driver for the printer.

Click below to download UP 3D Printer software and included drivers for your Apple Mac.

updated 30/04/15

Note: Install with Admin user permissions and if you have issues, run the Disk Utility application, then check and repair file permissions.