Building a City

Building a City

“People can pick them up and do what they want with — if somebody breaks something we’ll print another one,” said Christopher Cprek, leader of LVL1 and coordinator of the printing, at the event, The Atlantic reported. “People have been enthralled with the 3D-printing process.”

While 3D printers can’t print whole buildings yet, they can be used to help visualize what the end result might look and feel like. We have heard of architects using it to create scale models of home and buildings, but this is the first case we have seen it used for large scale urban development.

3D printers at the event used architectural drawings to create 1/1000 scale buildings of the city on the spot, which attendees could place on a city map however they wished.

Source: gcn

Dale Nicholls

Dale has been involved in the 3D printing industry for over three years. He has a keen interest in technology having been involved in the tech sector for over 8 years.