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Mar 2013

Press Release: 1st March 2013

Press Release: 1st March 2013 – 3D Printing Systems unveil a new range of professional grade DLP based 3D Printers for dentists, jewellers and for high precession engineering parts. Release Date: Friday, 1st Marc h 2013 5pm. Auckland, New Zealand 1st March 2013 – 3D Printing Systems unveiled today the brand new Kevvox 3D Printers, boasting the finest print quality in its market segment. The...

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Nov 2012

3D Printing, Copyright Nightmare or DIY Heaven?

Originally posted on LONDON, United Kingdom — Remember Maison Martin Margiela’s L’Incognito sunglasses from 2008? Of course you do. A futuristic strip of dark polycarbonate that wrapped around the wearer’s eyes like an identity-obscuring black bar, they were an instant sell-out and are now sought-after collectibles. I missed my chance to buy them and I’ve regretted it ever since. Everyone has their version of this story,...

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Jul 2012

Some elbow grease and paint.

I sanded it down a bit and then I gave it multiple layers of filler. Lastly I used my airbrush with some metallic green and topped it off with clear lacquer. Now it looks almost as shiny as a car, and no print lines whatsoever are visible. Have you ever seen such an awesome looking Android phone stand? I haven’t before I saw this post.  It...

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Jun 2012

The Australian review the new UP Mini 3D Printer

The Australia IT 5/6/2012 3D printers are finally becoming cheap enough for home users THE drop in the price of 3D printers means that, finally, they are becoming cheap enough for home users. Around 2003, when 3D printers first came to market, you’d be looking at $40,000-plus to own one. However, The Australian last week managed to get its hands on a 3D printer designed...

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