Print your own 3D Scanner

The “Print your own 3D Scanner” kit comprisses of a USB turntable, linear laser, HD camera, calibration tool and files to print your own mounts for your 3D Scanner.

The 3D scanner includes:

  • Scanner software and license
  • Auto Turntable with power supply and USB cable controlled by the software.
  • Linear Laser
  • HD Camera with Carl Zeiss Lens
  • STL files to print camera, laser and turntable mounts.
  • Template for drilling holes for mounts.


  • Desktop 3D Printer to print scanner mounts
  • 40x40cm MDF and a drill.
  • Medium to high end Windows PC with two free USB ports.
  • 2 x AA batteries for Laser
  • Time to assemble 30mins.


  • Scan type: Circumference (tops and bottoms will require closing)
  • Texture and Geometry
  • Scan speed (typical) under 60 sec
  • Object size (typical) 1~20 cm
  • Object weight (typical) 0~3 kg

Click to download the 3D Scanner Kit manual and STL files to 3D print the scanner mounts.

Watch the following videos on how to use the 3D scanner software.