3D Printing Showcase 2014

3D Printing Showcase 2014

3D Printing Showcase 2014 will see crowds gathering, eager to learn about the many capabilities of 3D Printing. Day one will focus on Research & Education (How can 3D Printing integrate with your research/curriculum? What are the latest innovations?). Day two will open doors to the wider community (How does it work? Who’s using it now? What will the future look like?).

This year’s showcase will be at the Eastern Resource Centre (ERC), The University of Melbourne. The event is completely free, so drop by with your family, friends, work mates or other 3D Printing enthusiasts! You still need a ticket, so get yours today.

Where: Eastern Resource Centre (ERC) at The University of Melbourne
When: September 12 & 13 8:30am-4pm
Cost: Free (must pre-book tickets)
Who: Everybody

Free tickets
Dale Nicholls

Dale has been involved in the 3D printing industry for over three years. He has a keen interest in technology having been involved in the tech sector for over 8 years.